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Network Monitoring - An Overview

Network Monitoring - An Overview

Define network monitoring

Network monitoring is the eyes-and-ears of your organization. Anything that goes wrong and under your control, needs to be accessed and tracked on your network by the constant monitoring. In addition, you can keep a tab on any other usual stuff such as printer supplies, software installations, hard drive space, contract due dates. So, get anything that you can actually assume and think relates to your network.

The main types of problems that arise in a network are usually concerned with something that keeps changing frequently. The good quality network system will gives you the alert to some of the possible changes and will also help you to escalate the issue by allowing the owner to resolves the issues that came in between the network's current state. Hence, it helps in resolving the matter faster and better. Under this system, usually alerts are sent via email or text messages whenever such issues arise. An email notification helps them to keep them resolved and quickly address such discrepancies in the shortest possible time. Apart from all these benefits, such systems will help you to become friendly with everyone, your colleagues, customers, shareholders, partners and such other people.

What to look when dealing with a network monitor solution?

While looking for a fruitful network monitor solution, it is important to know the main areas of its strength;

Monitor PC hardware and supplies: It is important to know key components when changes are made to your network devices.

Monitor software: such software helps in tracking what is being installed and uninstalled on the computers.

Monitor web traffic: It is easy to monitor an exact amount of bandwidth used by users.

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Why Use Monitoring Network Software?

Why Use Monitoring Network Software?

Monitoring a network is an important part of keeping one of your most valuable business resources happy and healthy. But did you realize that a good bit of the monitoring process can be an ongoing phenomenon with the aid of monitoring software? The fact is that there are a couple of excellent reasons to invest in monitoring network software to help you maintain your valuable network components.

Monitoring network software acts as a constant watchdog for your network equipment. Once installed, the software will be constantly monitoring the functionality of each of your programs, as well as the efficiency of your servers, the connected work stations, and other components that make up your entire network. The advantage is that you get real time information about some emerging problem, such as a new and as yet unidentified virus that has infected the network due to an attachment being opened. With the ability to see something odd is happening when it happens, it is possible to take steps to minimize the damage and contain the problem.

There is more to the monitoring process than simply making sure the network is working at optimum levels of efficiency. Network software also makes it possible to determine when work stations are being used to purposes other than work. Depending on the standards set in place by the company, this could be a serious breach of both work ethics and company guidelines. Knowing that something is going on that is not work related can provide the chance for employees to be discreetly counseled, or possibly terminated if the circumstances merit that course of action. The network monitoring software will provide all the documentation necessary to warrant the action.

Relatively inexpensive and easy to install, monitoring network software can aid network administrators in making sure operations remain at optimum levels and that the resources of the company are being utilized in a professional manner. The software will often pay for itself in a very short time, based on increases in productivity, and less down time due to network issues.

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Monitoring Network Security - Why the Security of Your Network is Vital

Monitoring network security is a task that is not just for the big computer companies. More small businesses are running a computer network that needs to be constantly checked. More people are working from home and have to network their computers. They need to make sure that their system is safe from intruders to protect their personal information as well as their client's information.

In an age where connectivity is in the layman's hands, where computers the world over work on the same platform, and where linkage happens on scales unimaginable a decade earlier, it's no wonder that there is an opening in a wide, unknown universe - that of networks. It is this same 'unknown' element that makes this sector such a dynamic one, and protecting your 'doors' that open into this world is a must, through monitoring network security.

Network monitoring is the key to ensuring efficiency and to keep an eye on the proper running of all tasks pertinent to the world of networks. It enables proper monitoring of all resources and aspects of a network, whether it is a single-server system in a home, or a more complicated, extended network for an enterprise, or even on the scales of LAN and WAN networks. Monitoring network security takes place on numerous levels, and can be done by the network administrator, through dedicated software packages, and also through a remote monitoring service.

Security monitoring takes place through various means, and some of the things that are checked often are firewalls, intrusion-detection systems, log files, website and system and application events, among others.

Security options are available on all network monitoring software packages, and these scan the system for breaches and other intrusions. Bots, worms, Trojans, and sometimes viruses that escape the antivirus program's scanning can harm a network, affecting bandwidth and performance, resulting in problems encountered by users and clients.

Security services, on the other hand, work almost in a proactive way to make sure that little problems like the big ones do not go unnoticed and are catered to in due time before a problem should occur. Security can also be compromised through 'mundane' happenings, such as installation of unauthorized applications and equipment, use of peer-to-peer programs, over-full hard drives, and probes and scans directed at an Internet connection from the outside.

Monitoring network security helps to prevent problems, and also aids in defense against malicious attacks, insure against unnecessary risks, and also by providing awareness as to what is really happening across a network.

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